The Ogallala Water team’s research aims to support the region’s producers and other decision makers working to sustain productive, profitable agriculture and advance the knowledge needed to mitigate risks related to the Ogallala aquifer’s decline.

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Our interdisciplinary team is based in 6 states: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our group was funded by USDA-​NIFA to merge its expertise and networks to support and encourage the adoption of adaptive management strategies critical to the long-​term longevity of Ogallala region communities.

Our research focus:

  • Advancing cropping and irrigation management in dryland & irrigated production systems (full and limited irrigation)
  • Investigating socioeconomic factors that influence water-​use decision making
  • Assessing potential impact of policy and farm-​level practices on long-​term regional economic outcomes
  • Developing data-​based decision support tools that are effective and user-​friendly 
Special issues