SSSA meeting: 2 OWCAP team members to be recognized for their research contributions

Two OWCAP project team members from KSU will receive awards on Oct 24, 2017 at The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) annual meeting in Tampa, FL.  Alan Schlegel (KSU) is being recognized for his outstanding achievement in applying research principles to solve practical problems in soil science. Chuck Rice is being recognized for his outstanding contributions to soil science on the international scene.

Along with Alan and Chuck, several OWCAP faculty, post-doc and student team members will be presenting at this meeting:


Veronica Acosta-Martinez (USDA-ARS): Measuring Multiple Enzyme Activities in One Sample As Soil Health Indicators of Biogeochemical Cycling.

Ryan Bailey (CSU): SWAT-Modflow: Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling Tool for Coupled Land Surface / Groundwater Systems.

Sangu Angadi (NMSU): (1) Circular Buffer Strips of Perennial Grasses: Preliminary Assessment. (2) Yield Responses of Different Alternative Crops to Growth Stage Based Irrigation Management.

Rajan Ghimire (NMSU): (1)  Soil C and N Cycling Under Reduced-Tillage and Cover Crops in the Southern High Plains Agroecosystems.   (2) Participatory Approach in Soil Testing and Nutrient Management in Smallholder Farms of Nepal.

Prasanna Gowda (USDA-ARS): Evapotranspiration in Winter Wheat Under Different Grazing and Tillage Practices in the Southern Great Plains.

Xiaomao Lin (KSU): Uncertainties of Eddy Covariance ET in Bushland, Texas.

Vara Prasad (KSU): Accelerating Increases in Sustainable Agriculture Productivity.

Meagan Schipanski (CSU): A Nutrient-Centric View of Rhizosphere Priming: Corn Mediation of Cover Crop Litter Decomposition and Nitrogen Cycling.

Alan Schlegel (KSU): Optimizing Land and Water Allocations for Irrigated Corn Production with Declining Well Capacities in Kansas.

Tim Shaver (UNL): Management Zone Based Variable Rate Nitrogen Management for Corn in Semi-Arid Western Nebraska.

Chuck Rice (KSU): Breakthroughs in Beef and Dairy Systems: Implementation of Science.

Daran Rudnick (UNL): Scheduling from Full to Deficit Irrigation and Its Effect on Irrigation Water Use Efficiency.

Post docs

Yared Assefa (KSU): Corn Yield-Trends from 1987 through 2015 By Yield Environments.

Sultan Begna (NMSU):
Spring Canola Critical Growth Stages for Water Management.

Amanda Cano (TTU & USDA-ARS):A Comparison between Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Profiling Methods As a Soil Health Indicator for Microbial Community Composition.

PhD students

Tsz Him Lo (UNL): Variable Rate Fertigation: Opportunities and Investigations in West Central Nebraska.