Our team


Over 40 collaborators based in 6 states at 9 institutions, linked through 6 hub agricultural experiment sites located across the aquifer region

Project leadership

Colorado State University: Meagan Schipanski (PD), Reagan Waskom, Eugene Kelly

Kansas State University: Charles Rice

University of Nebraska: Chittaranjan Ray

New Mexico State University: Mark Marsalis

Oklahoma State University: Jason Warren

Texas A&M: Brent Auvermann, Kevin Wagner

Texas Tech University: Chuck West

West Texas A&M University: Bridget Guerrero

USDA-ARS: Prasanna Gowda

Stakeholder advisory board

Colorado: Deb Daniel, Republican River Conservation District

Kansas: Jackie McClaskey, KS Secretary of Agriculture; Mark Rude, Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District (GMD3)

Nebraska: Roric Paulman, Nebraska Water Balance Alliance

New Mexico: Walter Bradley, Dairy Farmers of America

Oklahoma: Russell Issacs, Oklahoma Panhandle Agriculture Irrigation Association

Texas: Dave Brauer, Ogallala Aquifer Project USDA-ARS, Jason Coleman, High Plains Water District, Ben Weinheimer, Texas Cattle Feeders Association,  Nolan Clark, Panhandle Water Planning Group

This site is currently under construction; please return for detailed information about our collaborators.